Riot in the streets!!

Hey fuckers, ol’ lord crue is back from a long south east asian vacation. Here’s your mission for this week….If you have a sister, mom, girlfriend etc. who thinks that wearing ugg boots is a good idea, check that shit in!!! (Ugg boots are those heinous aussie suede boots that people wear because madonna does). Girls, please, that shit is so TIRED!!!! You need to realize that anything that you read in “In-Style” is complete bullshit. Actually, read, then do exactly what they say NOT to do and you’ll be fine. Just remember the Gucci is not always golden…if that makes sense to you, good. If not, sorry kids, you’re fucked.
Guess what else needs to go? Mother fucking cock sucking sweat suits!!! ESPECIALLY those of the velour variety. In the privacy of your own home, you can wear whatever the fuck you want. Shit, the house is the BEST place to wear a nice sweat suit (lord crue does not partake in this madness, but gives you a go ahead 😉 ). However, you CANNOT and SHOULD NOT EVER wear a sweat suit in public. To the mall, to school, to the bar any-fucking-where, keep the damn sweat pants at home! Again, another thing that pseudo-fashion perpetuates with an annoying persistence. Please please please stop wearing these things….Especially if you are a larger girl…yikes..Well kids, that’s all for now until next time, keep that yellow rag in your back pocket you piss loving freaks!!!!