Mission Accomplished

It looks like it’s that time of year when we have to go into the archives and post some stuff that’s been marinating on the harddrive for a year or two. These are some of the photos from when we were shooting the back cover for the Beez Dvd about a year ago.

In 1985, the demand for a novelty ice cream product (consisting of vanilla ice cream nestled between two chocolate chip cookies) sky rocketed beyond the reserves of local suppliers. An incalculable fleet of ships packed in improbable fashion with crates of the treat (commonly known as the chipwich) relentlessly bombarded the docks of Racine, WI. One hapless vessel, the S.S. Bugle, suffered the result of one crate of chipwiches too many, sinking one-hundred and fifty fathoms just three miles from success. This tale is not devoted to the details of a shipwreck, but to the mythical properties of Lake Michigan.

Miraculously, the crushing, frigid depths of the lake perfectly preserved each dessert sandwich. This treasure remained ignored for twenty-two years, until a small group of intrepid explorers funded a most prodigious expedition. Their effort yielded a bounty like none other: an overabundance of pristine, vintage chipwiches. The release of this previously unaccounted for stock could depress the vintage chipwich market for millennia (should such a market come to fruition). Yet, these explorers have no interest in pre-emptive market control; they simply wish to share the incandescent joy of their discovery with the world.

The Dvd has had some internet action the last week or so. Here are some recent mentions and reviews that I’ve dug up: 1 (The Nerdy), 2 (The Germans), 3 (The French), 4 (The Livejournalers), 5 (The Confusing), 6 (The Pirates), and of course my favorite quote that I discovered on a British forum: “get 30 naked barbie dolls in your backpack !!!”. Sums up Beez better than I ever could.

Here’s some other things to occupy your time: 1 (The Nordness), 2 (The Wackiness), 3 (The ?).