Talon, Stratus, and Oracle: Nimbus’ Trusty Wings

Hello friends, it’s been awhile.

Max Murphy – Smith Grind on some sort of tall flatbar, or maybe handrail if that’s your sort of thing. Whatever you want to call it.

Max grinded down to the first kink on this thing like 100 times. The one time he rode it basically as far as he possibly could he was in this victorious arms raised pose. I guess it fits.

After the victorious 50-50, we had a victorious snack menagerie.

We’ve been talking about taking this photo forever. Here’s Bill Kaschner making dreams into reality: Wallride over the 720 machine.

Here’s the fisheye version.

And finally, Sean Hanely off the hip to lipslide ride in on the brick thing.

Don’t miss Risser’s new video clip entitled: Horny Video Corner #1: American Spectator. Already one of my ultimate favorites of all time. Excellent job young man.