I’ve been slowly adding soundtrack listings to the videos in the review section. It’s kind of a catch 22. I hate how kids are super lazy and only listen to music from skate videos, but it’s good that they are being exposed to stuff that they never would have heard otherwise. I guess it’s better than MTV or the radio, so I will help them out. Judging by the amount of extra hits I’ve been getting from Google from people searching for music from skate videos, they’re super into it. Plus, I’m an Itunes affiliate, and I’ve earned $1.42 in the two months I’ve had soundtracks up. I’ll be an internet tycoon in no time!

On that note, I need some of you guys to write reviews for some of the newer videos that have come out. Stuff like Static II. The video needs to be in the review database before I can add the soundtrack to it, so any help would be appreciated.

In other news, kids from suburban Chicago are fucked. A lot of them are into the tight pants thing, which I guess is ok, but the Robust Carn sent me a link to a thread on the message board where it’s coming out that a lot of them don’t wear underwear either. The funny thing is some of them are super excited, like when a groups of boys in middle school finally admit to their friends at the lunch table that they jerk off, and it turns out that they all do, so everyone is very happy and relieved! Now the thing is, the whole tight pants ideal is to have your jeans looking super worn, so these guys will wear the same pair of pants for weeks straight. With some sort of underwear barrier between your stinky parts and the jeans, I guess it’s not so bad, but c’mon, these are some tight jeans! There’s some direct contact between denim and genitals. Not to mention that butthole thing down there. This is just a recipe for disaster! These kids are walking around with a month’s worth of pubes, dick cheese, and shit crumbs marinating in ball sweat. Amazing!

Greg Lutzka has a full part in the new FKD Bearings video (trailer on their site). Yeah, I know, a bearings video? The thing is, it is good. There’s a lot of good people on their team (Paul Rodriguez, Kenny Anderson, Daewon Song, Brandon Biebel, Kenny Reed, Lutzka, Stefan Janowski, etc) and the footage, while obviously not being their best, doesn’t seem to be too far down on throw away ladder. Lutzka’s part is about 1/2 stuff that I filmed that was supposed to be his Hurry Up and Die part. Remember that video? Yeah, I kind of do too. Check it out to see what we all had lined up. Plus, it’s only around 15 bucks, so no excuses.

Mr. Twister needs your help! His fish on has slipped down to fourth place. A member of the Triumvirate in fourth? That’s not acceptable. You guys need to get over there and vote that 43″ beauty back into first place, then everything will be right in the world again!

Is this the longest update ever? I love America’s Next Top Model.