The Kids are Alright

Sometimes people complain that the site is called, but we don’t really cover all of Wisconsin, just Milwaukee and a little bit of Madison. Even then, it’s just a small percentage of people in Milwaukee that skate. That’s why I want you and your friends to email me a video clip of your very best footage, edited to music or not (I’m a music nerd, and if I hate the music, I’ll probably hate the video clip too, so be careful!), of you and the group of people you skate with. Also, I think a time limit of about 1 minute would be good. It would help if the clip was 240 X 180 and in quicktime format like the rest of the stuff on the site.

Please have it include as much street footage as possible, as that is what we are mostly interested in. The radder the spot, the less it matters what trick you do on it. If you like to skate tranny and have a bunch of skatepark footage, that’s ok, but don’t send an entire video of you skating the flat bar at your local park. Same goes for driveway skating. Basically, the more street, and overall variety of spots the better.

If it’s any good, I’ll put it up on the site. Make sure you tell us what part of the state you’re from, and everyone’s name that is in the video clip. Now, I won’t be able to put up everything that I get, so please don’t be offended if I don’t use what you’ve sent. Obviously, if you’re not from Wisconsin, I’m not going to be putting it up.

I made a special email address just for this, please send them here, not to my regular email address.