My Bologna is Going Ballistic.

So yesterday I was taking a nap around 3:30pm (that’s what old guys do in preparation for old guy night), when I got a call from Josh; “Its hella nice out, lets go skate”. How could I refuse? There aren’t that many days of outdoor skating left before winter and I had to get out there. We started out in front of the house not doing kickflips. Josh got bored so we headed off to this school in the neighborhood that recently paved its playground. I was just glad to be outside, skating and breathing fresh air. Josh was riding the walls and practicing his slipfoots when out of nowhere his foot comes off and rolls under his board. Not a pretty sight. Makes me cringe just thinking of the pain involved. Josh doesn’t seem too phased by it, but maybe he was just trying to be tough and not cry. Just before that he ate shit doing a wallie and smashed his hip. He walked the injuries off and continuted to skate but I could tell it wasn’t easy. I found some old hula hoops in the trash and we did the old innertube trick with them and had some fun pulling airs and Josh even got a jump rope ollie.

Anyway, the point of that story is that because of Joshs injuries, we didnt make it out to “Old Guy Night”. Probably for the best, as it might have been too much of a clash with the Alumni jam that was taking place last night. If anyone reading this was there, email me and let me know how it went.

So what did I do instead of skate? Well, first I made some brats that we teamed up with a delicious potato salad, watched the new episode of Mythbusters then put in Hellraiser. I never saw that movie, but I heard it was scary. Whoever told me that lied. I guess it might have been scary in the 80’s, but now it’s just kind of funny. I love Butterball.

This one dude named Luke is doing some really good shit up there in Minnesota. He is making shirts and the like by the name of Handjob. Also, Todd Bratrud (the guy that used to be the art director at Consolidated) started a new wheel company called Teenage Runaway. Of course it will be amazing. He already did a Platinum Seagulls wheel. What more do you need? A Wiskate wheel? Yeah, that would be cool too. Minnesota is killing it right now.

Speaking of Minnesota, Munz made mention of it almost being the season for Cream City. This is true Mike, but if you do come down, make sure it’s on “Old Guy Night” because I know you’re secretly 38 and that means you get 25% off admission! That goes for anyone 25 or older. Mention Wiskate and you will get an additional punch in the ballz.

This makes me very scary.