Doesn’t Have to be That Way

Looks like Tim has already covered everything that I was going to talk about. He did ask how the Alumni thing was, and I see Norris posted this on myspace: “(Alumni Skate Jam) was sick as fuck…straight up hurt ’em.” I’m assuming that means it was a-ok, but I’m not sure why you’d want to hurt “’em”. Or even who “’em” is referring to. Either way, I needed the break from skating due to my old dude injuries. They aren’t too debilitating, and I’m hoping to be back on the streets by this weekend. We have some hugely important ideas that need to be executed and documented, and to be on the sidelines this late in the game is tantamount to Beez suicide.

Russ did make a great point about “missing” Old Dude Night though. We sat on the couch and ate brats while watching Myth Busters. It doesn’t get any more old dude than that. I don’t think that this is something that can be argued.

In the “Isn’t that how it always is?” department: let’s talk about the school we were skating at yesterday. Said school is literally two blocks from our house. It had some really good long steel benches that no one ever really skated because the ground was in the top 5% of the roughest asphalt on the planet. “That would be such a good place to skate if they ever repaved it” was often uttered as we went past. Lo and behold, they repaved it within the last month. This is where the “isn’t that how it always is?” part comes in. When they repaved it they took out the benches. What an awesome plot twist. Now we’re left with a really smooth freestyle zone and a wall to scrape some wallrides on. Someone put a box or flatbar there please. Maybe a jump ramp and street spine too.

Todays lunch break skate video was Maple – Black Cat. I’ll have to say that I’m torn on this one. There’s tons of cheesy San Diego action going on, but Louie, Charlie Wilkins, and Jerry Hsu all have solid parts. It was Louie before he got too wacky, but he has a great part and Jerry obviously kills it too. I’ll do the link thing so you can decide for yourselves. Louie. Jerry.

Photo of the day #29

This makes me very scary. An Opossum(?) mummy in an abandoned building, just in time for All Hallows. At least this dead animal photo fits in with the holiday time line. I’ll try to branch out to erotic pictures of Tim just in time for your Valentines Day needs.