Nike is the devil?

Looks like the updates are blowin’ up. So I guess I gotta chirp in here.

Thanks to our friend Sam Mcguire over at his blog onThe Skateboard Mag website… I’ve been clued into the old Nike skateboard ads that ran in the mid to late 90’s for about 6 months. The skateboard community pretty much pushed Nike outta their tight little circle at the time and they quickly dropped their skateboarding line. Things are a little different now seeing as how ever kid in America seems to own a pair of dunks in Neon Green, Grape, and Orange. Oh… and he’s waiting for the other color ways to get to the shop. In any regard, despite their ill fated efforts at the time. I think that the commercials they put out were spot on. with the tag line of… “What if all athletes were treated like skateboarders?” This opens up the flood gates for alot of debate on if skateboarding is a sport or if skaters are athletes etc. etc. But I degress. The point is the ads are dope and I think they did a great job or representing what it’s like in alot of ways… if only they would have had them playing tennis in the streets…

#1 is here
#2 is here
#3 is here


Oh… by the way… Sam and a crew will be at Cream City this weekend. Sam takes some mighty good photos. If you’re there and you’re throwing down… you might get your mug exposed!

In cat news, my litte shit Ezra has seen his last straw. He swatted at a friend of mine last week and she told Mel and I that she’s scared of the cat and won’t come over any more. I say thats lame… cats are little fucks, thats just how they roll. But, we decided to run some psychotherapy on the little bastard. It’s kinda like that show The Dog Whisperer except we’re doing some stuff for cats… ala the cat whisperer. Sounds corn ball, but it seems to be working. He no longer punches me in the face in the middle of the night looking to get his belly stroked. To say the least I’m stoked. I’m gonna keep on with this shit now. I’m a Believer!

Ah… so now for three pics and a Pat… You may have seen these before…

This is one of the first skate photos I ever took. Hurvey Haskins – Front Board, UW-EC. I’ve wanted to go back to this spot for EVER. If anyone wants to session and get a dope photo and go on a long road trip, let me know.

I took this a couple years back in Illinois on a random day. Jason Barr – Kickflip. Jason rips pretty well and grew up in the same lonely town I did, Rice Lake, WI

I tend to like to take pictures of dead stuff. I don’t know why. I think it’s quite fasinating to everyone… death, what becomes you?

Last but not least, a Pat… the one and only Pizzy. Supporting the troops none the less..

I’ll also make a last minute announcement the band I’m in is playing lame 90’s cover songs this weekend on North Ave. If you’re around, stop by. You can sing along like you do to Karaoke Revolution or jam out like you do to Guitar Hero. We’re on MySpace like every other moron too! Peep it here.

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