What Do You Think Is Worse…White Shoes, Or ‘Lil Wayne??

Here, as Tim did, I present you all with a wiskate.com Valentine. Send it to your moms, your dads, your brothers and sisters. Scream it from the rooftops, love is in the air! It might be a day late, but does it even matter? It’s an ageless proclamation that shouldn’t be tied to a single day created for the sole purpose of selling greeting cards and animatronic singing horny tigers. Love isn’t for sale, fuckers!

Now since there isn’t a damn thing happening besides it being retardedly cold outside, I will also join the three pics and a Pat club…

This is a picture of Manhattan I took with my half frame camera from the beautiful shores of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This is from the same abandoned lot where that weird concrete volcano and quarterpipe used to be. Later there was a concrete ledge with a bank on it. Now, as far as I know, there’s nothing. I think the lot was bulldozed to make way for some yuppie condos or something along those lines.

Since I’m on the subject, here’s the ledge I was talking about. Pretty much the one of the most fun things I’ve ever gotten to skate. Not to mention the ambiance! C’est magnifique! Steve likes chocolate milk too, I guess.

One day James decided he wanted to get rid of a bunch of clothes. He was going to take said clothes to a thrift store, and had them in his car ready to be dropped off. He realized this when we were out skating, and we held an impromptu rummage sale in a park. I guess it wasn’t really a rummage, because everything was free, but man did Pizzy come out of there with some winners! Timeless…

Later that same day Nate kickflipped this huge gap and I took a really shitty photo of it. Good job, me.