No Luv 4 Axel F

Tim already posted his Weiner Party 2 pictures a few days ago, but what the hell, here’s some of mine.

This is one of Tim’s very serious works of art. I heard people saying “Holy fucking shit!” all night long. I guess it means that it was a hit.

On the left Charles was buying flowers from “the dude that sells flowers at bars everywhere”. Descriptive name, I know. I’m not really sure why he bought them, but he carried them around the whole night and looked great while doing it! On the right is everyone’s favorite Serbian in the world, Boban. Bill tried to sneak in the pictures, but since he doesn’t have that Serb presence he kind of got pushed to the background.

Vance was really on top of his game. Here he poses with possibly the loudest person on the planet, Tim Sluga. On the right you can see even the dogs at the party were hyped when “Space Age Love Song” was played for the second time.

This photo is basically the reunification of the old Oak Creek skate crew. Minus Sluga, who only really is known for being loud and drinking a lot of beer. Minus the girl too, I think she was the one that was mean to me when I told her I knew Boban when he was like ten. Maybe it wasn’t her, I don’t remember.

We have to thank Chimene for playing records from my (not gay at all, I swear) record collection. I don’t know why Lutzka was in town, but I’ll just pretend he came all the way to Wisconsin in the middle of winter just for our art show. Also, I told you Charles looked good with the flowers. Super good.

I guess opening your mouth is the natural, most exciting thing you can do in a photo. Looks like I’m the worst offender. Which is fine, because boy is it exciting!

Anyway, enough of that. A big thanks to everyone who braved the cold and hung out. I hope you all had a great time.

I want to build off of Mr. Twister’s idea, but there was no Pat at the Weiner Party 2 so I have to break the theme. Regardless, here’s an unrelated picture of him.

I bet as Pizzy stuffed that net he had One Way to do It playing on repeat in his head. I guess he might prefer To Be A Hero though. They’re both amazingly inspirational.