3 pics and a Pat

Well, I’m starting this thing today called 3 pics and a pat. Pretty much thats all it is, three random pictures and a picture of Pat. Sounds kind of cool…..,You’re god damned right!

Well, the first pic I have for you is my little buddy snapper. What a cute little bugger, all little and shit. He was found outside of Cream City in one hell of a rain storm. I wanted to keep him and watch him grow, but Mike and Roger took him back to the wild.

Hey, this is my friend Dustin. He works for like Mtv and shit and just traded in his Audi s4 for a BRAND NEW Toyota Yaris. God is he smart! Here he is taking one for the team.

Hey, look what I got for christmas!!! Pretty hyped!

Here he is, the feature of the article. Pat “What the fuck you lookin at!” Forster. Be on the look out for this man because he be serving justice on a platter. Or Dollar on a Platter, does it really matter? Pretty damn prime.