No More Heroes

As predicted, this last weekend was way awesome. Best one in a very long time. I don’t have photos prepared yet, so it’ll have to wait for later this week. Plus I need Tim to scoop me on it first, like he always does.

Also, Tim woke me up last night to tell me he was cooking a sandwich on the Pizazz Pizza Oven. Thanks Tim.

Got anything good? Send ’em to us.

Skateboarding that is fun is more fun than skateboarding that is not fun. I think someone really smart said that once.

I guess today’s theme is getting wacky and having fun. Huge fan of that genre. Eric takes a melon into the sand. Great Lakes forever!

Photo of the day #41

I’m not even sure who took this photo. Might have been me, might have been Tim, might have been someone else. All I know is that it fits today’s theme, and that Pizzy is fucking KILLING it here. When’s the last time you saw someone benihana over an orca? That’s what I thought.