Nocember: The Gargon Files

Nocember – The Gargon Files from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo.

People, please do not get confused.  This isn’t about a Gorgon…this is about THEE Gargon.  You may be confused as to what such a thing may be, so let me tell you – he is friends with this guy:


This is Xydar.  Xydar is a traveler.  He’s always giving Star Fleet the hardest time.  Gargon is his homeboy who lives in the 2nd dimension, this is an artist’s rendition of Gargon:


This skating movie is about Gargon and his files.  It is up to you to interpret what exactly the journey is about and what the files may contain.  On the surface this may appear to be simply a film about skateboarding in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but there is more to it.  Much more to it.

Finally, the creator of this adventure is long time skating fanatic Gabe Chan.  Here is an artist’s rendition of Gabe:


As a final bookend, this a series of interviews Blake Van Egeren did with Gabe about the creation of Nocember: The Gargon Files.  They are filled with all sorts of trivia and goofs.  Much recommended.