The Trials and Tribulations of Dadcam

The DadCam Video from Blake Van Egeren on Vimeo.
When we were kids we filmed our friends skateboarding on our Dad’s camera, and for some of us we had our Dad film us skating. The idea behind DadCam is simple, no pressure, no missions just capture what occurs. Sometimes we remembered to bring Dadcam, sometimes we forgot. Sometimes the battery was dead. Sometimes the camera did not work. But the bottom line is Dadcam is finally here for your enjoyment. Filmed by Drew Rickaby and Nick Mistele, Edited by Nick Mistele and Blake Van Egeren
Featuring: Nick Mistele, Drew Rickaby, Blake Van Egeren, James Brickner, Big Shits, Matt Nordness, Chase Hopper, Vince Stranc, Max Murphy, Sean Hanley, Tim and Eric, Pat Murphy, Dave Khiehl, Dane Haman, Bradford Bishop, TJ Bohach and more

BVE PODCAST EPISODE #6 Nick Mistele and Drew Rickaby on Dadcam
I recently sat down with Nick Mistele and Drew Rickaby drank a couple beers and talked about the making of Dadcam. Things get kinda sloppy towards the end.