Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret

The Weekend
As alluded to in last Friday’s mega-post, Mini Bee made the trip from South to North and arrived just as I was done watching TNG. He came bearing such gifts as the Neighborhood video, so we took that in while enjoying a drink or two. After going to skate for a minute, some Riverbrook, and the first Coliseum video Lord Cru showed up and we took it over to the Planet. Nothing too much out of the ordinary to report for this week…except this tiny tidbit:

Sorry for the drunka-cam, but if you can make it out, some girl thought it would be a-ok to wear a Pikachu backpack out for a wild night on the town. Funny that people sometimes have the minerals to ask us why we bother to go to that place. Kooks and characters…kooks and characters. Also: the Papoose.

Saturday, woke up relatively early and formed the crew like Voltron. More Illinois peeps filled out the rides as we took it to the southside with two dogs also in tow. Here’s a snapshot to get you started:

This was the first spot of the day, a couple of people are missing from the picture. Le Garcon went and disappeared for awhile. For what? Only the guys in the shower at the truckstop know. With my excessive drinking from the night before I wasn’t able to give the Captain decent directions to the spot, so he was driving all over the Southside for no reason. Eventually everyone made it, The Zone killed the spot, we went and skated another bank spot close by, and we finally ended it all at the Oak Creek park. Why? I guess dudes like curved flatbars:

On the left we got Lord Cru doing a boardslide. The right is The Zone (Scott Gall) doing a masked feeble. Tim held the flash, I think.

Might as well throw another crew picture in there while we’re at it. This time Tim is missing though, because he was holding the flash again. What a sweetheart.

After the long day of skating, we went back to the Horny House and chilled with C3P0 a bit before it was time to hit the town.

If this picture doesn’t tell you as much, the town was hit, hard. I also got yelled at twice by some muscle bound douchebag. Always a treat.

Perfect ending to the night. Reservoir, 4am, Oct 7 2006, 65 degrees: broken glass, bikes, barrels rolled down the hill.

Sunday was pretty chill in comparison. Only one spot was skated the entire day, but it was a long session. I also finally got to fly my 80’s kite. It had been waiting so long in the trunk of my car, and I had failed to fly it the day before due to lack of wind and running space. Anyway, it was the day for it to finally soar. It eventually got stuck on the roof of a house (it was actually super high up, I was flying it from in a valley though), Le Garcon retrieved it, and all was well in kite land.

There was also another occurrence which I guess I’ll touch on. A lady pulls up and asks us “What do I ask you guys everytime?”, she’s blocking traffic and waiting for a response. No one cares, so she continues “Do you know who my son is?”…more silence. “Jon Allie!!”. “Oh yeah? Never heard of him.” someone responds. “Well, he skates for ZERO!!!” everyone just pretends like we don’t know what she’s talking about so she starts rifling through her car like she’s going to pull out a magazine or something. At that point everyone just kind of skates away and tries to forget the embarrassing moment that just happened. Funny thing is, Me and Tim were skating the same spot the other day and the exact same thing transpired.

The pictures:

Crew Shot. Skating can make a dude thirsty, that’s obvious.

The money shot.

Photo of the day #16

Tim in full regalia while filming for this one video, you might have heard of it….Beez 2!!!

Half Frame, taken about this time last year, also while rocking a huge crew at the spot. Huge crews are the new black.