Stupid T-shirts

I have to appologize to the Wiskate cats out there… I haven’t been doing this enough… and that last post… about crack and all… eh. Anyway…I’m gonna leave you with this little nugget. I robbed it off of another site, but it still says alot about all the kids you see with crappy t-shirts on. From here on out, exercise THIS rule… If the shirt was made to be a REAL t-shirt to advertise something, someone, etc. etc. and it’s SUPER funny, then its all systems go. If the shirt was made in a factory for the explicit purpose of saying something funny in a way thats crass, ironic, or stupid, then you just shouldn’t be wearing it. Examples… Pizzy has a Michael Bolton T-shirt with a HUGE likeness on the front much like that of the Tupac and Biggie shirts you may see around. Thats cool.. Michael Bolton is a no talent ass clown… and so its funny cause they REALLY made that as a honest to goodness product. LMAO (thats Laugh My Ass Off for those of you not in the know). On the other hand… the guy in this photo… he’s a chode.

Photos from last weekends Affiliate Demo to come. Just a side note… Neen Williams… is freakin’ sweet!