Not Since 82!!!

Hello Milwaukee. I hope you are all hyped. Went skating today with Josh and Matt at some bank spot. Never got to skate it because there were always cars in the way. Can cross that spot off the list before the bucket gets kicked.

How about the enjoi video on the berrics? Super good right? I was getting kind of sick of watching the same tricks in every clip. Wednesdays with Reda was the only thing really keeping me entertained but enjoi really came through. Spoiler alert Wieger does heelflips, wears shorts, and rips. No Jer footage but the trippy backgrounds, props, and louie made it real interesting. Also Nester Judkins is a new fave and Jose Rojo kills it. Don’t take my word for it, go check that shit out.

Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks:

TJ Bohach – frontside wallride at my favorite bank to wall

Tim Olson – crailtap on a bank guarded by silverfox

Josh Ellis – no comply wallie off a rock at dr. suess approved spot

Well its t minus till cold weather so get out there and shred!