They Got Lucky, Pizzy.

I’m not sure that I have ever had a conversation with Rob Owens until last weekend at the Sky High 80’s skate jam (which, by the way, was a lot of fun). I had this notion to do a top 3’s with Rob for this here site, so after asking him if he was into the idea, we sat and shot the shit for a while and I realized the dude has a pretty good sense of humor. After all, he was one of the only people that came to the jam in some 80’s-ass gear. We talked about the old days like old dudes do, and he mentioned something about how everyone wants to see him dead. I don’t know know about all that, but without further ado, here is Rob’s top 3’s

Photo: Sean Drews

TOP 3:

All time skaters: Guy Mariano, Sean Sheffey and Daewon Song.

Milwaukee Skaters of All Time: Moony and Al Partanen (tie for #1), Andy Schoultz and John Bunch.

Milwaukee Skaters 2008: Charles Danowski, Erik Switzer and Freddie Lewis.

Places other than Milwaukee: Atlanta, New York and Detroit.

All time Milwaukee spots: Riverside, M.S.O.E and the family restaurant on 50th and Villard st. just because it was the first T.F. I had to lurk at.

Haters: Andy Schoultz, security guards and P.O.’s that wont let you leave the state to skate.

Lovers: Aaron Polansky, Mark Zitzer and Greg Lutzka.

Skate videos: Fully Flared, Mouse and Trilogy.

Video parts: Guy Mariano in Mouse, Bobby Puleo in Static 2 and Danny Stemper in Born to Roll.

Reasons Milwaukee is the best: Beer, Brats and the kids skate hard on a daily basis.

Reasons Milwaukee is the worst: Winter, skate shop/park beef and no more yeast smell!

Reasons why you love skateboarding: Exciting, intimidating and fun.

People to play skate against: Patrick Hergins, Mike Piwowar and Andrew Montejo.

Places to take a bullet: Chest, face, back…what you want me to say? Shorewood? Whitefish Bay? Just don’t take it in the legs.

Worst skate trends: Pressure flips, accessories and internet thugs.

Misconceptions about Rob Owens: That I’m a full time jerk (I’m just a part time jerk), I have no teeth (I have 12) and that Freddie Lewis is my bastard child I use as an ashtray.

Thanks, Rob.

Later nerds.