Party Burgers.

I just let Josh’s cat out. It’s raining. He didn’t seem to stoked. Found him though.

We have been skating Cream City quite a bit and it’s been a really good time. Last night some Minneapolis guys came down and I got to check out Benji’s new video “Weekend Warriors”. It looks like he put alot of time and effort into making it and it really rips. Most notibly was Jamiel N. He skates like I would like to able to. Really good manual stuff. The intros and editing are top notch. You can most likely get it right here. Make sure you do.

Have you guys seen that one video? The one with the Beez? Man that one is awesome, too.

If you didn’t already know, Mike Roebke put together a wheel company called Burnout. The wheels will be arriving in shops pretty soon. Tees and hoodies as well. Graphics by yours truly. Get some!

Josh loves Garfield.