Hot Dog The Movie.

Josh is in NY for the week. I have the captains chair. Kind of like when Picard AND Riker leave the bridge and Data gets to play captain. I love when that happens. You think they would just make Data a captain. I mean he is way smarter than Picard and can make decisions way faster. Plus, he has no feelings, so that would never get in the way of the decisions he makes.

Anyway I am taking care of Josh’s dog so that means unlimited internet access for me. Lots of Myspacing and lots of tapping the crail.

I thought the weather was almost there for street skating, then, just like that, a storm pushes through. We did get to go skate Chicago last weekend and it was pretty fun. Besides getting kicked out of everywhere and having it rain on us, of course.

Did you all see Benji’s new video “Weekend Warriors”? No? Go to Phase II or Sky High or something and get a copy.

Cream City is calling your name. Go. Now.