Ping Pong

I don’t know how many of you have been spending time over at Cream City. But they’ve taken to a couple of Ping-Pong tables… ah-hem… I mean Table Tennis. There have been some heated games, and at the moment it looks like Hoops and Mr. Twister are top dogs amongst us. I had the pleasure of losing to Mr. Twister for the first time last night in two different 3 games series, 2-0,2-0. 4 Straight losses is not great. It included a 12 point come back by Mr. Twister himself. I had him on the line, I just couldn’t get him in the boat.

Turns out that Chase had some questions to the rules that Mr. Twister has been enforcing. And according to the USA Table Tennis Rules and Regulations. It looks like Mr. Twister has indeed been having his way with the rule book. Doesn’t mean he cheated, just means that he wasn’t playing up to USA Table Tennis specs. We’d better get on that!

Next time you’re out at Cream City, take a look at them tables, chanllenge your friends and start practicing, won’t be long before our matches look a little like this. And Mr. Twister turns out to be like this guy.