Wonked If You Do, Wonked If You Don’t

This update could not have been possible without the generous gift of this book from Pat Forster. Thanks guy, double high fives.

The book in question. Notice the title is rendered in beautiful sparkle text. That means this shit is serious. I also love the raging kickflip indy(?) dude. The second I saw him I know this book would be golden.

All great advice. Let’s check out what they say about what you’re supposed to wear.

I guess as long as you spend as much money as possible and you look the part everything is a-ok.

Nothing wrong with this picture.

If this wasn’t in English it would probably make more sense to me.

The glossary is where things really shine though:

Are you fucking serious?

Wow, the photos are really rolling in now. Same deal, got a good photo of some skating in Wisconsin? Send them here.

Another good one from Corey Peterson. Dave Mayhew tailslides something or other somewhere in Madison (maybe). Looks like a fun spot.

Here’s a shot of Matt Logan doing a smith grind, as with the last picture, no idea where this spot is. I love the background in the photo though. Urban decay makes me feel kind of weird in the pants. Thanks again for sending another batch of photos, Dane.

This on the other hand, looks like basically the least fun place to skate ever. No matter though, can’t hate on a proper airwalk.

Photo of the day #44

Milwaukee forever, bros.