Man, everything was going so great these past few days. Tons of skating, minimal working, dressing up like superheros and robots, and even the days I had to work weren’t bad at all. I was on cloud 9 until just a half hour ago when I got home from my bike ride to find a pair of my dunks shredded and a bag of garbage tore open and scattered all over my bed. The culprit? None other than our houseguest. I wasn’t all that suprised seeing as how Josh had warned me of his ways. Not suprised, just pissed as all hell. Can’t replace those dunks unless you want to play the ebay game. Oh well. Que sera sera.

The other day Josh stopped at Blockbuster video and rented a couple of video games to copy onto his Xbox. One of them (at my request) was Lego Star Wars II. I am and always will be a huge Star Wars fan and this game didn’t dissapoint me at all. In fact, I played it from 8pm until 5am (I would have stayed up longer but when you have to sleep, you have to sleep). It follows the origianl trilogy, but it obviously strays around to make the gameplay interesting. If you have an Xbox, Playstation II or Gamecube you should definately check it. Rarely do video games keep my attention, but this one did. That says alot right there.

Well, it looks as though my days of skating at “Old Guy Night” are over, as I got scheduled to work every Wednesday this month. Pretty weak – that was the only day of the week I really looked forward to (like Josh looks forward to Friday at MP). I’ll miss you guys. Someone bail a trick in my honor.

Lord Cru, you forgot to mention skateboarding in your last post.

Photo of the Millenium #6

Yeah, I know, another Gonz photo. So what? It’s sick. First of all check the location. Alcatraz. Second, look at that vert wall – insane even by today’s standards. Third, it’s Gonz. Can’t front on that. Hate on Gonz if you want, but you better know you’re a retard if you do.