“Playing in Traffic” Episode Three: Josh Ellis and Max Murphy

This interview was originally going to be with Josh Ellis. But he asked if we could get Max Murphy on as a special guest. Josh cited Max as “his muse,” which made sense when you think of what the two have done for Milwaukee skateboarding in the last ten years. I was fortunate enough to talk to the two about the beginnings of Wiskate, their finest moments, giving their winnings from the All-City Showdown to Sky High Skateboard Shop, the rise & fall of Gorf Life, Max’s move to Strangelove Skateboards and Nike SB and much more. Enjoy and please, like and subscribe!

Some supplemental content that is referred to in the interviews:

Wiskate.com, in the year 2000. You can read all about the history of the site here.

Hurry Up and Die, the first wiskate video from 2003.

Beez 2, by Russ Clark.

Matt and Max Roger of the Month Outro Video

Max Murphy Traffic Report

Max Murphy 50-50 victory pose, photo by Bradford Bishop

All City Showdown 2015

Max Murphy for Strangelove Skateboards, by Gabe Chan. Read a recent interview with Max here.