I woke up this morning not knowing how to feel about it being Friday. These are some weird times and the new reality of going to work, coming home and staying home (outside of running to the store or taking a walk) is hard to get used to. I know it’s what most of us do from December-February anyway but it just all feels different right now.

I type all this from my office at work, where someone tested positive for Covid-19 the other day and yet we’re still up and running. It’s confusing seeing all the headlines telling you to stay away from large groups of people, yet most of us are still going into plants or offices with 50-300 plus people. I guess this is the new normal and we just have to accept that if we want to get paid, we have to put the health of ourselves and our family and friends at risk.

Anyway, I know we’ll all pull through this and be out annoying business owners and security guards soon enough. Here’s a few photos from summer/fall 2019 and winter 2020. Keep your heads up, Love you guys.

Max Murphy, Tree Wallie
Max Murphy, 180 Nosegrind
Max Murphy, Fs Noseblunt
Max Murphy, Fs Bluntslide
Nick Mistele, Wallie
Vince Stranc, Fs Wallride
Vince Stranc, Poll Jam Melon
Cory Stubing, Ollie
Sean Hanley, Crook
Tavis Schulz, Bs Smith