Pork Chop

First on the agenda. Fuck Skynyrd. For real. Fuck them. Free Bird? To quote the Carn “I will leap out of a window to avoid hearing Free Bird”. My beef lies in the fact that the final song in Guitar Hero 2 is Free Bird. All seemingly 94 minutes of soloing included. It is the final song I must complete to defeat the game on the hard setting, yet it destroys me every single time. The main problem lies in the fact that the beginning few minutes are really easy, so you have to play through that every single time before the solo takes you out. It is as enraging as anything on the planet. I hate Free Bird. Forever.

Otherwise, I’m not sick anymore. I haven’t really being doing much though, so that means there isn’t really anything to talk about on the site. It is 50 degrees outside right now though, so at least the snow is melting. I’m really hoping to be able to skate outside this weekend. Old Man Winter, please?

Tim already covered the Alumni video. I’ll just say that I’ve been crying myself to sleep every night for my lack of filmer credit. Not only did I film Tim’s tricks, but I filmed one of Bauman’s that is in there too. I have no idea how the footage made it in there, but regardless, no filmer credit. Actually, I don’t care, I’m even for filmer credit now. That’s because a video Lutzka is in, I don’t remember which, gives me filmer credit when I actually didn’t film anything. Maybe it’s the Almost video, I’m not sure. Either way, the filmer credit world is back in alignment and all is well.

Oh, I really liked Norris’ part though. Great job, cuz! Jack, great job on the video too. Everyone should pick up a copy.

I will leave you with this:

Ha! Huff Johnson! Again, I must credit the Carn on that find.

Photo of the day #58