It Blasted.

Sorry about the lack of updates. I have no excuse really. Forgive me?

This past weekend was the premiere of the new Alumni video. I was present as well as about 200 others. Derek and Dave went all out and had the premiere at the Orpheum on State street. A few rappers rapped after each showing, but I was eating pizza elsewhere, so I can’t say if it was good or not. I have to admit, I was damn impressed with the video and it was obvious those dudes put alot of hard work into their parts. I was a bit dissapointed that Jack Richardson didn’t have a full part because that kid rips and has a good bag of tricks. I heard he was behind the camera alot so that may have had something to do with it.

Norris had the opener and killed it to a song that I would never assume he would use. No Young Jeezy this time around. With switch 360 frontside shove-its down double sets and fakie 360 flips to switch manuals, it was clear that Norris is still killing it just as he has been for the past 5 years.

Cory Peterson had a great part set to “Centerfold” by J. Geils and did what he does best with his big guy style and threw a no-comply over a metal guard rail which I was a big fan of. He also tailslid the blue ledge off that damn steep bank that those dudes skate in the Enjoi video. Most impressive.

Dave Mayhew had his first part since Tactical Manual (correct me if I’m wrong) and hasn’t bowed down to the the old guy syndrome that so many do after retirement. Everyone knows he shut down the slam walls in library mall 15 years ago, but he still felt inclined to go there and put a few extra nails in the coffin with a nollie tre, a fakie tre and a nollie big spin heelflip. He’s still got it and he’s a super nice dude as well. Kudos to you Dave.

Travis Erickson had the ender part. I used to skate with this kid at the park in Madison when he was a little grom, but he’s all grown up now and destroys every spot in Madison. This kid has good snap with tall switch heels and he basically makes it impossible for anyone to film at the up/down manual pad. He put it to rest. Fakie 540 flip to manual down and thats that.

Besides those main parts, there were a few friend sections with all kinds of people ranging from Tyrone Olson to Mike Roebke. Even I had a couple in there. Thanks Jack, but you for got to give Josh filming props in the credits!

Overall the video was great and I was definately suprised by the music choices and how good those dudes are. Nice work guys. I was very impressed that you even had the video on hand to purchase the night of the showing. Everyone go get one. Here’s some pictures from the night…

This is how Derek looked most of the day. With a phone to his ear. He was claiming he wanted to choke someone, but I think he was loving all the attention.

The turn out for the first showing was good, but the second showing was better. This is a picture of the crowd before the first show.

This is the editor-in-chief of Stuck Mag, Peter Wenker (pencilneck) with his lovely wife Kari. We dipped out of the premiere to get some white russians at the closest bar. Jacob discovered the pleasure of the colorado bulldog.

Norris wearing a tie? “This shits not even a clip on, cuz!”

Thanks to Derek and Dave and everyone else for putting on the event and making my weekend away from home a good one.

Fuckin’ Gary.