Post-Morrissey Depression

Saturday was the big day, and because Friday was one of my worst in recent memory, and I THOUGHT I was done with school, I decided to start drinking right away. Clearly not the best idea given my health, but I figured it was okay. I started taking pics right as soon as I got to the horny house, and for some reason I thought it would be a great idea to let Josh and Tim take a few blackmail pics. It’s a really good thing I’ll never be important, or I’d be fucked.

I thought this pic of Josh would look nice, it was pretty romantic in the old Accord on Saturday. It’s funny when you think something is totally cool, and then it blows up in your fucking face. That’s basically what Friday was for me, and if you add the run-in I had at the mall yesterday, June 2nd couldn’t come quicker.

Wait, I mean I never want it to come. Check out our post-Morrissey depression party at Rivers!!!

Josh is trying to figure out how he is going to live another day without the shirt Moz threw into the feverish crowd.

Ellis, the Bee, and the introduction to Riverhorse’s finest beef jerky.

I was pretending to eat the jerky, pretty funny.

Ellis with my wife and kid..he loves when I say that.

Things couldn’t have gone much better at this point.