powder your balls

I must say thank you for all the dudes coming down for old dude night. Sorry if I wasn’t in the best of moods but for some reason I just felt off. I lost at NBA jam only once not twice that was stated in the previous post form josh but it was still a hard loss. I also keep losing at my new obsession Ping-pong. I had a brand new paddle special ordered and what do I do? Smashed that fucker against the wall and split it in two. God, what a waste. Well, I got a new paddle that has an air core and an enlarged sweet spot and it did me ok today. I still lost but I felt more dangerous out there. Luda really liked my new paddle too, these were the eyes he gave me when I opened it.

Well, I checked out the new Cabelas today and let me say that place is huge. They have guns to kill these cute little guys.

How the hell are you supposed to pick out a rod from this selection.

I wish I took some pictures of the people shopping there but I was very upset after seeing me favorite animal stuffed.

Well we got the lock in Friday at Cream City and its gonna be scary, be there.