Pray to Allah.

Last night as Tim and I were leaving for Cream City our good friend Molly hurt herself while running across the street. You see, going to the skatepark is her favorite thing ever and she was quite excited. Somehow she must have slipped or twisted her leg, and it turns out she tore a ligament in her knee. She has surgery in two weeks to install a new faux ligament. Therefore, she obviously will have something in common with Danny Way and will soon be doing backflip rocket airs over stacked city busses. Anyway, next time you kneel towards Mecca, mutter a prayer for good ‘ol Molly.

The funny thing is, we’re all more bummed out about it than she is. She just happily hops around on 3 legs and could care less. That’s the power of the Wonk, nothing can ever get her down!

I gotta give a big thanks and high five for Munz featuring Elliott and I on his skateboardmag blog. We’re both very proud of his sitting on my hand trick and anything that gives it more publicity is great for us. We’d love to take this on the road and make a few bucks off it! Why the hell not?

On the same topic, Sam McGuire recently did a Todd Bratrud interview that was interesting. Tell ’em we sent you.

Finally I have two Youtube links to brand new video parts that cover the entire spectrum of skateboarding. From the absolute worst very bottom of the barrel: “>Dan Drehobl from a new Thrasher video.

Bonus Molly Picture!