Puss Beard #2 Aquired!

Somehow, even though I am on the internet every day, I just found out about this. Seems that one of my favorite artists, Todd Bratrud, has a few new designs over there and they look amazing. Another one of my favorite companies, Heroin, has something to do with it too. If you guys haven’t seen Heroin’s video; Live From Antartica, you’re really missing out. Go find a copy now and get stoked on the Osaka Daggers.

Photo of the Millenium #2

One of the first guys to utilize the nose of his skateboard. Inventor of the lien air. Weirdo. Neil Blender. This guy did alot for skateboarding and asked nothing in return. He also was one of the first guys to do his own board graphics (which to this day are still some of the best). Called John Sonner a whittler and filmed an entire video part in the same outfit. He even helped start Alien Workshop.
I am not sure who took this photo, but I think it was Grant Brittian.