The Gouda Times Are Killing Me.

What do you fools know about acid reflux? What do you know about updating on a Saturday? That’s right, I’m on some next level weekend update shit.

I slept like shit last night because of some bizzarre stomach issues that have me wondering how much longer I have left on this earth. Not sure what to make of it, but if anyone out there is having terrible stomach pains at like 2am, shoot me an email so I don’t feel so alone. We can start a support group. I might have to give that Prilosec OTC stuff a try. Lactose intolerant? I have no idea, but if it continues a few more days, I am off to see the doctor.

Look as though this weekend is a no go for the street shredding. Besides having to work, last time I checked the ground was wet. I guess that makes going to work alot easier. Good thing for you guys, there is always Cream City.