Put The Lotion In The Basket…

Steve, The Carn, and Mr. Twister all updating within a week of each other? What the hell is going on here? If Lord Crue got up in there, I’d be scanning the skies over head for a plague of locusts, because the world is would be coming to an end. Or maybe it’s just a sign that the Triumvirate brings us all together? You choose.

This dude Alex Duke who ran one of the first skate media sites up in there with wiskate..metrospective…eboarding..etc asked me to link to his Billy comics. Billy is a cat with one leg, and Alex has a huge beard, so there’s really no way I could turn him down. Beards are scary.

I’ve been busy, and haven’t really been looking at anything on the internet lately, so no random links for you today. There are a couple of new video reviews though, maybe check those out instead. I have a ton of NYC pictures that I kind of want to get on here too, so maybe some of those soon.