In My Absence……

Today I will be dismantling my computer until the 3rd when I will be in Milwaukee getting new internet service provided. Before my absence I wanted to boost the power of the triumvirate a few notches (not that the ULTIMATE triumvirate needs it, but it can’t hurt). I have put together a small pie chart that breaks down the key ingredients of what makes Iowisconsota such a force to be reckoned with in the midwest. Here it is (Dom, take notes).

As you can clearly see, total domination and ultimate power are key in forming a good triumvirate. Radness is at a all time high and getting awesome is way above average. I would also like to point out that cats and dogs are an essential part of the whole scheme. Without them we would be nothing. And if you did the math you found out that it adds up to 101% of complete insanity. 101 percent! Only Iowisconsota could achieve those kinds of numbers.
If you would like to discuss the pie chart further please instant message the triumvirate. The screen name is Iowisconsota.

While I am discussing the triumvirate, I would also like to mention that our minions are growing by leaps and bounds. Check it out right here .
You can also get a good idea of how awesome we are by visiting the Dudes and Platinum Seagulls.

I have to admit, I am really excited about moving back to Milwaukee this weekend. I think it will be good for my skating and metal health. Plus, I wont be bothered by the smell of patchouli from merely walking down the street.

Goodbye Madison. May god have mercy on your soul.