put your money in the meter

neighborhood sightings numero dos. now, this next person may be extremely unknown to pretty much everyone, however i know of at least 2 people that are way stoked this dude is living near by. about 2 years ago at this bar called max fish, tommy guerrero played a small show. being the music and skateboarding fan that i am, i made it to the show about 3 hours early (expecting a crowd, boy was i wrong)…anyway, this dude named bing ji ling got the set going with some of the sweestest jams heard by human ears. as the name may allude to him being from the orient, he is far from it. big white dude with a lions mane for hair. (see pic below)
so anyway, this dude opened up for tommy g, handed out ice cream sandwiches, then played keyboards and back up vocals for tommy g……this brings me to my point. i saw bing cruising around the hood not once but twice on a bmx bike. does that mean hes made the move? i hope so, gems like this come around fewer times than haleys comet.

moving on to other tommy guerrero news, did you know hes got a new record coming out? that makes 4 lp’s and 4 ep’s.

tommy g circa 78.