You Probably Think Lil’ Wayne is Awesome…

Tim is right, Old Dude Night was indeed pretty fun last night. It was a little weird at first, a couple of the standbys were M.I.A., but after awhile everyone got into the zone. A lot of new faces too, which is always good. Were the new faces old? Does age discrimination go against the spirit of Old Dude Night? These aren’t questions that I’m equipped to tackle at this juncture. I do know how rad trying the same trick 50 times in a row and not landing it is though. Because that is exactly what happened last night. Obviously.

After I was done being an Old Dude, I experienced something brand new to me. That’s right, I had my first Mcdonald’s Snack Wrap! Holy crap, it was gross. Don’t go there, girl.

Mr. Twister really got my casting arm itching with that salmon related post of his. How many spoons can I lose in that black hole of a river this year? It had to have been at least 10 last year. This year I’m shooting for 20. I think we should make a trophy for whoever catches the gnarliest, most rotten sam too. Zombie Salmon trophy, if you will.

The Internet speaks:
You may also remember that yesterday I sent a request to the masses…that request being: two topics to write about today. The masses have spoken…
Topic 1: Pickle Ball
What a shitty topic, I don’t even know what this is. According to wikipedia (the internet doesn’t lie) Pickle Ball is: …a game described as “a combination of Ping-Pong, tennis, and badminton”, played in schools, parks and recreation centers, correctional facilities, camps, and retirement communities mostly in North America. It uses a simplified combination of tennis rules and strategies. Sounds stupid. Next….
Topic 2: Jerry Hsu
Trying to get me to talk about a skateboarder on a skateboarding site? What kind of crap is this?? Anyway, I think the first time I remember seeing Jerry skate was his part in the skateboarding comedy known as Osiris – The Storm. This video is notable for featuring the first and only footage of an ex pro rollerblader and current tennis pro doing an ollie over a dj spinning records. The kind of genius required to put something like that together can’t even be imagined.

Jerry’s part in it was actually pretty rad though. He skated to, if I remember right, a Stereolab song which was a huge contrast to the godawful hiphop featured in the rest of the video. He skated quite a bit more technical than he does now, to the point of a couple tricks maybe even being suspect, like a fakie frontside flip to late kickflip. Or was it late switch flip? I don’t even remember. Otherwise, a solid part.

Regardless, it’s been a few years, and he’s obviously now one of the best dudes out there skating-wise. His part in Bag of Suck? Amazing. I’m not sure how quite well known it is, but he’s also a really respected photographer. His photos are often featured in Vice, and I think he had a feature in Slap amongst other publications and showings. I’m totally sucking up to the guy, but if anyone out there today in this scary world of skateboarding deserves it, he does. Check out this sampling of his photos I randomly stumbled on today.

Crap, that was painful. I’m never doing the “tell me what to write about” thing again.

Photo of the day #9

Marsec Level 2. The full pipes. The place that strikes fear into any Mini-Bee’s heart. Do you see him walking forlornly on the right of the photo? You would be bummed too if you just broke your arm falling trying a one-foot to fakie and the bone was poking through your skin. Don’t ever try to tell me different. This devolopment also made it the last time I will ever get to say “Man, let’s go skate the fullpipes, it’ll be FUN!”

I took this photo with a half frame camera from the 60’s. Probably the favorite camera that I own. Half frame means that while it uses regular 35mm film, each picture it takes only uses half of a frame. That means on a regular 36 exposure roll of film, you will have 72 photos. Since the exposure is smaller, you get a grainier image. Art!