Rewind – Mini Video 44 – Wouldn’t You?

Originally posted June 23, 2008.

“I think uh skate uh boarding is awesome…”, this is it, the big one! My favorite Mini Video I ever made. A lot to take into consideration. First Max Murphy appearance. Stemper had just moved to California, and faxed in a couple of lines. How did we facilitate this file transfer back then? Good question. “It was probably difficult” is the answer. Chad Benson guest spot! I’m not sure how he only ended up with one clip, because he’s never not doing tricks, but there he is! Pizzy on the Pizzy Bank, showing us what it’s all about. Russ in his ceremonial Beezing Shooz. Finally, Jeffrey. I wasn’t even there on that session, but apparently Jeffrey wanted to bang everyone! “That wuz goooood…”!

Period appropriate images to begin below…

Max Murphy – Boardslide. This is the very first photo I ever shot of Max. This is/was at his alma mater and thus holds a special place in his heart. In Latin “alma mater” literally means “nourishing mother”. How lovely.
Wonk! Not just any Wonk, but a Wonk on a log.
Danny Stemper – Frontside Bluntslide. Why wasn’t it filmed? I wish I knew. Also featured in the illustrious Stuck Magazine.
Uncle Will.
Pat Forster – Crooked Grind
Danny Stemper – Frontside Ollie
Pat Forster – Backside Kickflips on his namesake skatespot.
Two friends enjoy a margarita after skating a Pizzy Bank together. Divine.
Pat Forster – Nosegrind Bonk. Destroy the Machines. At a glance it would appear that they were preparing to tear this spot down, but fourteen years later it still stands. I think perhaps even after a global thermonuclear war Dodge City might still stand.
A lot to take in here, but surely I whipped Pizzy’s ass in tennis shortly after this was taken. The bike was Gabe’s childhood Dyno Compe, which I finally returned to him shortly after the pandemic began. I hope he’s been practicing his cherry pickers.
Max Murphy – Frontside 180.
And the flash stand used to create the above photograph. I love when you spot a Sunpak 555 in an old movie or tv show. Most likely to be used by a crime scene photographer in a police procedural.
Max Murphy – Nosegrind Transfer
Pizz in a du, filming Max Tailslide. I got him that du-rag at a gas station because I was worried his head was going to get sun burned.
Max Murphy – Tailslide. Notice lil Pizz in his du back there, just poppin’ out and peekin’. I guess that means he in fact did not film this tailslide.
Tj Bohach – Backside Over Crook. Do people still argue if the over crook exists? I hope so.

I must apologize, for I’m really running out of stuff to say in these posts.