Rewind: Mini Video 39 – Here She Comes

“Hey, y’all wanna kick it with Pizzy?!?!”  Originally posted Oct 1, 2007. This one is novel in approach as it was all filmed in one weekend.  9/22 to 9/23 2007.  George Bush was still president.

I don’t know why I remember this, but this is the same weekend that Brooks Schuping from Louisville was in town and he executed what, as far as I know, is the first documented “off the top rope” at the US Bank Hubba.  Uncle Will was there and captured it on his Canon Elph.

Since the time frame covered by the video took place only over a weekend, we’re quite limited in related media.

Pizzy Fred Flintstone Upskirt Ollie – a brand new phrase that Google AI has never seen before. Does this change how humanity is thought about? I hope the cold unfeeling processes have learned something new about us.
It makes much more sense that we had a Flintstones costume in the car knowing that Russ was also around at the time. I hope he still has the tooth he found on the ground in his collection.
Tim and Ben, Pabst and Mt. Fury. Weird masks. A typical 2007 Saturday night.
This more artful image also exists, shot on film, so the ART value is much higher. Not the same weekend, but related, by tangent.
I told you that I didn’t have much to work with here. I happened to take this image of our 80s BMX selection that same weekend. Three Dynos, a Kuwahara, and what I think was a Diamondback Silverstreak. These were the best ways to transport yourself to Mad Planet.
I must have been trying to test an off camera flash, and I caught, quite by accident, this image of my September 2007 living room. A true “god bless this mess” scenario.
Pat Forster – Zip Zinger Pole Grinder