Rewind: Mini Video 40 – Hanging

The 40th Mini Video.  The file “date created” is October 1, 2007, which is the same date as the last video, and doesn’t exactly seem correct. But what do I know? It seems as if this one was filmed from around May to September. I think it took sort of a long time because I was trying to focus more on shooting photos.

A photo of the first trick in the video. Rarity. Pat Forster, backside lip up. Miss this spot more than anything.
Victorious with the maneuver, time for a classy portrait. Pizzy and his rooster. I could’ve said “cock”, but too obvious, right? We found that rooster at Riverside High School, and it lived in the trunk of my black Honda Accord for years. The rooster is also featured in Beez 2. Gabe’s nickname was “The Velvet Rooster” for awhile, but that’s not related to the trunk rooster.
Wrestle with Pizzy, go to brunch. A classic 2007 weekend morning. A little slice of heaven. At the time, brunch at Comet on the weekend was literally the worst service one could ever imaginably receive, yet we always went back.
Two more (bad) photos of video adjacent maneuvers. These are both in suburban Chicago. We traveled down there to collect my Canon 5d that Gabe had fixed for me when he was working at Canon. He told me once, while on the clock, he got in trouble for loudly farting and laughing about it with his friend. I hope he doesn’t mind I said that. Anyway, I had bought that camera on Ebay, broken, and Gabe had gotten it fixed for me. An expensive gamble at the time, as a broken 5d was still over $1000. But the gamble paid off, and the camera worked great for many years. Vince has this same camera to this day, and uses it often. I lied about the second part.
Flea market visit for heady goods. Another weekend morning past time. Especially when too hung over to skate.
Very heady goods.
Gabe Chan, switch crooked grind. I didn’t have radios for my flashes yet, so this is with a sync cord that was like 2 feet long. Couldn’t really light with much depth.
Danny Stemper, over the hip to lipslide. I believe footage of this exists (that I filmed), but I don’t know why it’s not in the above video. Half of Danny’s clips in that segment were filmed on a day where I called in sick after partying too hard. Remembering that, the switch shove it over the hamburger suddenly has much more meaning, philosophically speaking.
Classic backyard BBQ Wonk. That pile of bricks came from County Stadium after they tore it down.
I think this “game” was something like – Miss a strike on Wii bowling, get shot in the butt with the airsoft pistol. Neal takes one. The house in the background looking nice & neat & organized. I sold that white Trek on the right to Sleepy right at the beginning of Covid.
Very classic Gabe Chan pic. Backside tailslide shove it out. Obviously you have to take my word for it on the shove it out part. He claimed it was easier to shove it than to just come off straight or fakie. It doesn’t really compute for me. I think this photo was also printed in Stuck Mag, where I’m sure they managed to spell his name wrong, even though it’s a grand total of eight letters long. One time John Rockafellow’s name was spelled three different ways in the same issue. Amazing.
Buying this Mexican wrestling mask is what gave him the power to do the above trick. Speaking of, why isn’t it in the Mini Video? Good question. Again, I think I just wanted to shoot photos. Maybe even retire from filming. I’m still trying to retire from filming 15 years later. I do think Gabe has footage of the trick, maybe on his own camera. Who filmed it? I wish I knew. I’d love to see the clip again.
Another classic. Mike Roebke, backside disaster the vat at the Pabst Brewery. I feel like I’ve told the story a million times, but we were all handcuffed for this one. It was no Scott free clean break. Worth it, I guess. I know for sure that Gabe has footage of this.
Gabe surveys the ruins of post industrial Milwaukee. Looking a little like post war France. These are all either demolished or condos now, of course.

Update! Gabe was kind enough to send me the footage of the criminal beer fueled backside disaster.

All the 2007 homies, all RIP. Pour one out for the kitties.
Pizzy WILL NOT COMPLY. I think Gabe has the footage.
“Watch out, here comes Pizzy!!”. Running away from Pizzy in the woods next the the Milwaukee River. On my birthday. Otherwise known as a slice of heaven.
Common to this era was fishing in a weird quarry in Brookfield. We had to inflate a fish hunter raft in a church parking lot, and carry it through some woods. All for some amazing lunks like above. This photo has been on my Flickr account for 15 years and has thousands and thousands of views. I’d like to think guys send it to their homies to make fun of their wack fishing exploits.
The Dude, the place.
Max Murphy. Wallride the garbage “bowl corner” at B.C. (Before Concrete) Estabrook. This is the first photo we ever shot together.

I realized I end these types of posts very abruptly, so I guess we’ll go with a “’til next time…”.