Rewind: Mini Video 43 – GC

“Mega ramp this!!!” The 43rd document. Originally posted April 10, 2008.

It appears to feature footage from both the fall of 2007 into spring 2008. Nothing much from the winter in between. I don’t think we were such gluttons for cold air punishment back then. Instead, to pass the winter, we spent our time playing Rock Band on the Xbox 360, texting on flip phones (T9 Mode), wondering what was going to happen on “Breaking Bad”, and probably other various mid to late 2000s activities.

Spoiler alert! The last trick in the video, Danny Stemper, Pole Jam into the street. This was kind of a spot for a second. It still exists. No one skates it, obviously.
Pat Forster, frontside board pole jam. This is the same pole that’s still in Estabrook. The longest running “permanent” obstacle, I believe. Although it is slightly steeper now. Didn’t film this, wish I did.
Saw the band Witchcraft from Sweden. Dude kept tonguing his guitar neck. Sick move, underutilized. Pizzy definitely had me “hold this beer” at one point, which I immediately drank all of. Sorry Pizz, still owe you a beer.
Gabe, plus the crew. Looking as fine as can be. I feel like this should be offered as a stock photo. Imagine all of the products that could be advertised with this image.
Sledding, it’s sort of like skating. Danny goes hard.
There’s Something About Billy. Cream City just turned 16 years old yesterday, by the way.
Clearly all of the skating during this winter took place indoors. Danny blasts a big kickflip fakie on the old mini ramp. Beautiful.
February, 2008. The state of Estabrook.
Saw Dillinger 4, met this pink gorilla.
After traveling to all of the local skate shops to deliver copies of Beez 1-3 on DVD, Russ needed to hold Pizz like a young baby boy. “Sometimes you just have to pick him up”.
Wonk, before the big thaw.
A classic ass pivot to fakie by Pizz at the Pizzy Bank. As of late the bank was more of a cube. Lately it’s again back to triangle form. But now there’s more crap to hit your head on. Another spot gone. How much more can we take?
Pizz catches gabe in the act of a “Pooner Boy Chainer”.
“The Ghetto is a must on the sesh, man”. DRI tape, red curb.
I’d like to think that this is a behind the scenes photo of me filming Document 43.
Gabe and Stemp piled out. Rock Band drums cast aside. A night to remember?