Rewind: Mini Video 41 – Paris

Originally posted Nov 2, 2007. I never really actually liked this one that much. I think it’s the song. Have I convinced you to watch it?

The chronology is a bit confused as this video features footage filmed that came from before Mini Video 40. Why didn’t I use it in that one? I don’t know. Maybe the song was too short. Or maybe I forgot to capture an older tape. Who can say?

This is a “problem” because I’ve already used up some of the photos that should’ve been used on this post instead. Scroll back to get yourself up to speed.

As a special point of interest, this is the very last video I ever edited on a PC.

Pat Forster – Backside Smith Pole Jam. A man of discerning taste executes a classic and stylish maneuver. These pole jams existed for many years, but are now finally gone. By the time they were removed, a couple of the poles had completely rusted through and had become extra mini pole jams. How is it that these bent poles lasted way over a decade, but those giant American pick up trucks are all rusted out after five years? Were these poles made of higher quality steel? Was it the carbon content? Please submit an analysis.
From a series of classy boudoir photos I was working on in my photo lab. Feel free to use them for your Christmas cards and wedding announcements. I had actually gotten prints made of several of the images from this series for a “super serious” photo show, but then Covid hit and the show was cancelled. It was literally the first thing I missed out on when it all first started. The prints are still in a box. In the basement, I think.
Another classic Pizz for the record books. Halloween 2007. I found that “01-01-00”, aka “Millennium Hat” on the ground downtown shortly after Y2K. It resided in the trunk of my car for many years thereafter. I’m not sure how it became part of a “costume” consisting of a lightning bolt tiger shirt (Jack Black wears the same exact shirt in the film High Fidelity [Holy shit, I could not possibly hate Jack Black more]), a millennium hat, a stinky wig from the thrift store, and a low quality Micheal Jackson style jacket that I got at the Salvation Army? Either way, Pizz rocked it, and the look is iconic to this day.

One time after partying all night, Risser wore that same jacket home as the sun rose and he was upon the loudest German moped that the world has ever known. Estimated top speed, 22mph.
Danny Stemper – Backside Disaster. Estabrook junkpile, estimated 3.5ft of vert. I think all that wood junk is still there, under all of the concrete.
John Rockafellow – Cannonball Grab. A rarely seen move.
Wonk’n in the river.
That pink wiskate sticker had a decade long run on the toilet at Mad Planet. Imagine the things it was a witness to.
Mike Roebke – Slappy Feeble. Did I already mention that Estabrook was literally a pile of trash at this point in time?
SAG! He does one of my favorite manual tricks I’ve filmed in the video above. I hate filming manuals. But that was a good one.
Ms. Thang, Kryger, Russ. Estabrook DIY.
Wonk x Stemp

To summarize, more of the same, but a little different. Can I keep the ball rolling? I apologize in advance, it’s difficult.