Rewind: Mini Video 45 – I Can Feel It

Rewind! If you’re just joining us, years ago I started a project to try to reupload the older videos in the best quality that they’ve even been presented. I also tried to supplement the videos with contemporaneous images. It’s been a couple of years and the project has been delayed a bit.

Anyway, number 44 – originally posted July 7, 2008. A mere two weeks after Mini Video 44. It looks like when I was writing about Mini Video 44 I accidently used up some of the photos that I should’ve saved for this one.

We’ll start with these photos I took of Jean Luc Picard using my Motorola brand Droid smartphone. I’m glad I saved these photos for 15(?!) years. God knows how useful they were. Email me, let’s discuss your favorite TNG episodes. Do you think Picard covered in mud is someone’s fetish? We can also discuss.

Max Murphy, bomb drop. He had way less miles on him then. Always prepared to bomb drop on cue for laughs and for fun.

Dogs! These guys are no longer with us. :'( Molly on the left. Aka Wonky. Loved chips. Nietzsche on the right. Love to bite human hands. “God is dead.”

Max Hurricanes while his buddies parkour. We sorely miss the Wendy’s banks. Some still exist. But these were the best ones.

Tj Bohach – Crailslide. The carwash banks. Are they still there? Not sure.

That’s all for now!