Notable Moments in VHS History

Recently Mike Munzenrider asked me what the first video clip posted to the website was. I wasn’t sure. After an admittedly low amount of research I came the conclusion that it was a 2.43 second clip of Pat Gaynor doing a noseslide on a rail in Nashville, TN. File created 6-16-99. This clip was from a trip we took in the previous year, so I was already posting old material right off the bat.

During Covid lockdown I had found and captured this raw footage.

In 1999 much effort was required to capture, upload, download, and finally, to view this file. Working for it – it probably toughened one up a little bit. Now we have the TikToks and the Tweeters. Is the world better/worse? What are we doing here anyway?

Unrelated, but while i was looking through ancient versions of, I found a photo of Pat doing a heelflip at the long defunct fountain spot. 1995.

This spot was where the Calatrava wing of the Milwaukee Art Museum is now.

I apologize for the unexpected fountain tangent. I just get too excited whenever the topic arises.