Runnin’ The Rapids

Photo story No. 2 Vol. 1

The Shack.

Every man on earth should have one of these places. Somewhere you can get away and do manly things with manly men. Never having to worry about what girls might think, say or do. I hang out with a super crazy crew once or twice a year at a place with more guns and ammo than a ammory. This particular place is NUTS. This particular weekend was tame… only one dude puked (and never left the couch for the next 36 hours). We only went through 6 boxes of clay pigeons. We only shot 4 bats outta the sky. We only drank 13 cases of beer. We only ate 4 pounds of hot pork sandwiches. We only do things in excess at this place.

Seriously… the night we ate 26 pounds of potatoes… that… THAT… was a CRAZY weekend!

It’s a place that you can sit out side and squeeze out a loaf in the rain.

A place with ample ammunition for killin’ stuff.

A place where you leave your guns just outside the door in case of intruders…

This place is gnarly. If you’ve never been, and someone invites you out to a hunting shack… look out anything can happen. Now “squeal boy” .

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