R.I.P. Puss Beard #1

If there is a god, he seems to enjoy kicking me in the ballz at every possible turn. Last night was no exception. As I had mentioned in a previous post, I have had a rash of shitty boards. Well, yesterday I came across quite a winner when I went to Phase II and picked up a (now don’t judge me, I know this choice is a bit suspect) Almost – Chris Haslam. But let me tell you, this board was seriously good. Everyone hates on Dwindle and all that (including me), but there is something magical about the Puss Beard. So magical in fact, that I am going back today or tomorrow to get another 2 or maybe 3 of them. Unfortunately the one I got yesterday broke under my fat feet. But I would never blame the Puss Beard. It was all me.

And Josh was right, last nights session was great. Not too many players in the game, but the ones that were there definately make it worth while. And let me mention that the best trick that went down last night went completely un-noticed by everyone but me. Uncle Will just came out of nowhere and did what could have been the most beautiful backside flip I have ever seen. It looked like he was on wires and just floated and caught and put it down so smoothly that I don’t think he even felt it. Incredible. Oh, and Josh came through with a frontside late shove-it down the 2 as well. The big 2 recieved alot of love last night. Le Garcon even got his with a wacky caballerial boneless that closed the session. Another great time thanks to Will and Brian over at Cream City. Thanks guys.