Fall is, by far, my favorite season. Sweatshirts and beanies, perfect temperatures and Halloween. I’ve always felt more productive on my skateboard during fall. Maybe it’s because I know that soon I wont be able to skate as much. Or maybe it’s just that after all that summer skating, I finally feel comfortable on my skateboard again. I guess it doesn’t matter why, but it’s pretty rad.

Speaking of fall and Halloween, there is a really good show at the Onopa Brewing Co. on October 30th. These guys play covers of your favorite 8 bit Nintendo games’ music. With hits like Metroid – Kraid’s Hideout and Double Dragon II – Story & Boss, why would you ever miss out on a live performance from these guys? The Advantage is rad.

In other news, I have been drawing up ideas for a new site design. Hopefully they get the thumbs up from the Wiskate overlord, Josh Ellis (pictured above). If you have any suggestions, keep them to yourselves.