We now crown thee, King of Gay!

Everyone knows that rollerblading is lame. I’m not just talking about skateboarders here, I’m talking about your everyday average person. Rollerblading is what your mom does when she wants to lose weight, so it’s obvious to everyone that it is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to skate vs. bmx vs. blade crap. So what happens when something comes along that’s even lamer than rollerblading? Sounds impossible, but yet, a few years ago every single kid in the universe had one of these. It was as hot as Pokemon and Die-Cut Fruit Rollups combined! Yes, Razor Scooters. If rollerblading is what your fat mom does, razor scooters is what your 6 year old little brother rides over to Ralphies house to go sniff his mom’s panties, or do whatever it is that little kids do nowadays.

Somehow there is someone that has so little self respect that he somehow got good at riding those toy scooters. I guess it’s sort of a niche thing, but this is seriously one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen on the internet. Plus, dude pushes mongo! This dude might as well simultaniously listen to the Dawson’s Creek theme song at full blast, while playing DDR, getting a Taz tattoo surrounded by tribal roses, as he’s shopping at Hot Topic while pushing violently mongo on a tiny metal scooter up to his lowered, airbrushed Honda Civic with Neon Lights and huge Japanese stickers all over it parked in the Blue Oyster Club parking lot.

Thanks to JD on the message board for the link.

In other news, I once jumped down some stairs on a pogo ball, maybe I should put a video of me doing it on the internet!