SBox 350

Have you ever noticed when people start slacking on their websites they start every post mentioning how bad they suck at keeping their webpage up to date? Then if you read through the site every post starts with the same pointless apologies. So I won’t do that.

What I will do is post photos from about a month ago from when we went to Louisville. I was out of commission for half of the trip and did not take a single skate photo, nor did I film any skating. Awesome job.

Here’s the lineup. Epic crew. This was taken outside the skatepark in Indianapolis, so I suppose it was the closest I came to taking a skate photo.

These are the dudes that rode in my car. Super exciting.

At the Oasis a whopping one hour into the trip Tim and Mike won some weird ribbed koosh ball type things out of the skill claw. They also had way more dong like ones available, but no one was able to get one of those. I bet they inflated to desired snuggleness. Always a desirable trait.

The Busy Bee came to the rescue. You can always count on the Beez to come through. On the right is our friend we met outside the Hanson show that was going on across the street from our hotel. His name was James and he definitely knew how to party. A great dude for sure.

Let’s face it, anything the man does is and always will be stylish.

This is already a photo from the drive back home. I did a great job covering all the adventures of the trip. Neal did try the Horny Goat Weed at least. He reported some heightened sensitivity. No reports on the effectiveness of the super studded rough and ready.

To finish up the most exciting post in the history of the site, here’s two pictures of Tim in my car.