The Neverending Punishment.

It was quite the eventful weekend. The weather was almost ideal for ripping. The Minneapolis guys were in town for their annual Cream City visit and even got out to rip the streets. Watching Jamiel skate was a treat and we sampled the new Chubby’s cheesesteak, which totally sucked. Sorry about that stupid suggestion, dudes. Anyway, it was a lot of fun for the limited time I got to spend with everyone. Super bummed I had to miss the Cream City sesh, but I know some things in life are more important than others. I have no doubt I will see those guys again this winter and it will be epic.

Let’s get into a few pictures for those that aren’t hooked on phonics.

Like I said before, watching Jamiel skate was really rad. He did a bunch of super good stuff at Estabrook and other spots as well. You will see when Josh decides to make a new mini video. Here he kickflips into a crooked grind on some butter. On the right, Danny Stemper P.I. prepares to hit the cold city streets to fight crime.

Used and broken condom as seen at Estabrook park. You might be having a shorty if you recognize this. Babies having babies. What is this world coming to?

Today, my old friends Dave Oates and Derek Apel drove to Milwaukee to skate Cream City and stopped by to pick me up. I took them to Estabrook and Dave no complied the pole jam. He lost the kickflip challenge though, which in turn nullified this trick completely. Sorry Dave. Quitters never win.

Elliot McGuire. Your care package is on the way, John. Get stoked.

I would talk about all the awesome videos that are (supposed to be) coming out this fall, but I am bored of it and I am starting to not care about them at all anymore. Too much hype.

Later nerds.