Sex Dwarf vs. Aquasock

I had a good feeling about yesterday when I woke up. I had the day off, there was money in my pocket (rare) and my girl and I were going to lunch. Besides all that, yesterday was the weekly “Old Guy Night” over there at Cream City; the best park in the world. And when I saw this on our couch, I knew the planets were in perfect alignment.

The day was great – had a veggie burger from Bellas (I am not a vegetarian, but those things are rad), got good and stoked for skating by watching a old Plan B video, had dinner at Rocky’s then headed over to the park.

Everyone was there besides Lord Cru. Even this one dude named Greg. And let me tell you, his 360 flips and frontside bigspins were not of this world. He even did a frontside half-cab kickflip to frontside board on the rail. He’s good to watch. Uncle Aaron was there too, but he was taking it easy due to a ankle injury suffered during a wakeskating accident on lake Mendota. The Captain was ripping, but you already knew that. If he’s skating – he’s ripping. Rock was there for a minute too, but he hates me, so he left. Josh was wearing his new Duffs, which he tested before hand by smashing me in the balls with them. They seemed to work well for him because he was tearing the bank to curb a new one. Le Garcon was getting very angry due to cross town traffic which interrupted his ledge session. Vance was also on the scene with some nice canadian flyouts to frontside wall rides. It was a great time. Like Josh says; if you weren’t there, you obviously have manure for brains (Pizzy).
Here are a few photos I took last night……

On the left we have Josh testing out his new Duffs – on my balls. Next to that is Josh eating a delicious Phoenix sandwich from Chocolate Factory – at Rocky’s.

This is the only skate photo I took last night. It is Josh with an Ally-oop feeble grind on the best obstacle in the park; bank to curb. Then if you look to your right, you will see Vance criddling with a beer and Le Garcon plotting murder.

Old guy night is the best and I love all those dudes. See you next week (hopefully).